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Acharya Pathik Upadhyay belong to the treditional Hindu Brahmin Family born in Anand Gujarat India

Pandit Pathik Began his initial studies of Veda & Karma-Kand From reknown Gurukul Sri Bhramharshi Sanskrit Mahavidhyalay Nadiyad Gujarat.

He completed his Master Degree sanskrit With Specialization in Veda And Astrology From SRI SOMNATH SANSKRIT UNIVERSITY in 2008.

Due to his excellant service as Hindu Priest (Purohit & Archaka) for last than 10 years, he has been awarded as "BHRAMHARATNA" from his gurukul.

Pandit Pathikji performs all kinds of poojas & Havan including Satyanarayan Katha , Grih Pravesh, Rudra Abhishek, Navchandi, All Shanti Poojas (e.g Grah Shanti, Vastu Nakshatra etc..) All Sanskar Poojas (Excluding Antyesti) , Marriages, and New Vehicle Pooja Acording to All Vaidik, Pauranika and Pancharatra rituals.

Pandit Pathik has been one of the most respectable and recognized priest in the community for his Vastu Knowledge of Vaidik tredition, Hindu rituals and rites

He has over 250 Marriages according to vedic tradition.

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