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Why Vastu ?

The word 'Vaastu' has been derived from the word 'Vastu' meaning house or plot on which the house has to be built. The science pertaining to Vaastu is called Vaastushastra.

Be it home or office, factory or commercial block, Vaastushastra is known to reward the follower the benefits and protection from ill-effects in life be it economical, emotional or spiritual. Like any other Science, Vaastu is considered rational (based on cause and effect), practical normative (codified and governed beg principle), utilitarian and universal.

Vastu shastra is art of making five elements of nature work hands in hands in your house. The science of 5 elements have been well covered in all the eastern philosophies and are well respected

To balance energy related PANCHMAHABHOOT (Five Elements Fire, earth, water, air & sky) of various directions. To get physical-mental balance by this energy--balanced atmosphere.